Northern Education

Management of the processes

Management of the processes including:

  •  Consultation on TUPE and stakeholder engagement
  •  HR & TUPE: Employer liabilities, due diligence, payroll and Academy T&Cs
  •  Funding Agreement Annexes
  • Legal documents and academy policies
  • Commercial Transfer Agreement: contracts, assets, loans and balances
  • Financial Management: Governance, financial systems, company reporting and audit

We provide a team of solicitors specialising in Land and Asset Transfers plus a dedicated solicitor to act as your independent legal overseer. They will complete all the required documents for you including Commercial Transfer Agreement, Lease, Funding Agreement, Articles and Memorandum.  Northern Education’s accountancy service provides you with the expert support and advice for company formation, audited accounts, payroll, purchasing, HR, VAT and expense control.  We also provide experts to support the installation of FMS, SIMS conversion and support, and database services and much more.

To discuss your particular requirements contact us at:

Christine Hopkins

Tel: 0191 594 5239