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Review and Evaluation for Schools and Academies

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Whether you are getting ready for inspection, had a change of senior leadership or you are going through rapid change and improvement, having access to up-to-date review data and possessing clear understanding of, and skills in, review, self-evaluation and inspection processes is critical to planning in education.

Northern Education provides all the support and training needed to make a real difference to organisations in every sector of education using its highly qualified and experienced team of successful former head teachers, inspectors and senior education leaders.

From our close working relationship with schools, academies and other organisations in the education sector we are frequently asked to support leadership teams with school or department reviews and self evaluation. Using this experience we have designed a service for Developmental Review and other support services for self-evaluation to respond to this need. This service will be customised through negotiation to the individual requirements of each educational organisation.

Why might I need a review ?

  • You may be mid-way between two inspections
  • You may have had a period of rapid change and want an external evaluation of ‘where you are’
  • You may have had a recent change of senior leadership, or a new head teacher and need an accurate snapshot of the school as a whole
  • You may wish to embed self-evaluation practices into your school
  • You may want to have a health check on your outstanding status
  • You may have been working on one particular area or have concerns about several areas of operation and need an objective evaluation
  • You may want particular operations e.g. safeguarding or data systems examined
  • You may want an external evaluation of a department or faculty
  • As a vulnerable school you may wish an external check on your progress
  • You may wish to move rapidly from good to outstanding
  • To review the effectiveness of your SEN provision.

Whatever your reason a key aim will be to build leadership capacity for self evaluation.These reviews are structured to ensure that they are developmental for school staff. The review team applies the rigour of the Ofsted framework for inspection and the professional judgements of the tam to evaluate school performance. The review is undertaken in partnership with the school and not only produces an accurate benchmark of where the school is but also offers developmental advice and guidance to help the school improve.

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