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The demands on school leaders from heads and governors through senior teams to middle leaders have been increasing and continue to do so. Balancing the competing demands of developing vision, values, and ethos with the management and organisational tasks of co-ordination, support, monitoring and reporting is continuously challenging.

This is territory that Northern Education knows very well, not only do all our associates have extensive and successful experience of leadership in education they know how to transfer their skills and experience to clients.

We are absolutely committed to the belief that leadership development should be based on the needs of individual organizations and their people. We also believe that leadership development can be enhanced by engaging with all sectors, including the public and private sector, health, social services, the third sector, schools, academies, colleges and universities. So our Leadership consultancy and programmes bring together our high level experience in education with best practice from across the public sector and business.

We have grouped our Leadership offer into Leadership Programmes, Inspection and Evaluation, Organisation and Governance.

Our Experience

All our Associates and Senior Associates have high-level experience of leadership in schools, colleges, local authorities and the wider education sector including advising government regionally and nationally.

Leadership development has been a central part of what our key Associates have been involved in and has included leading and managing Education Action Zones with associated leadership programmes and networks.

Associates have also, individually and in teams, provided interim leadership and management for schools and colleges including special schools.

Leadership is a special concern for Northern Education and forms one of the specialisms of Kearsley Academy for which we act as lead sponsor.

Your named contact for this area is

Ray Steele

Tel: 0191 5945239